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Introduction to the co-operative society
A few words about Ability 2004

Ability 2004 has been legally established in the November 2004, thanks to persistence, constancy and coherence of the "referee" member Vitaliano Ferrajolo that for a long time felt like his need, but also of the people around him who he related, to create a working instrument aimed to make concrete and effective a right that, in this area, too many times turned out to be only object of discussions, conferences, debates: the employment right for (differently abled?) disabled people.
He is a disabled person too, coming from many years experience of manager for an association protecting these people's rights decided, in accord and encouraged by who has always agreed with the approaching philosophy about the topic, to pursue the way, even if bristle with difficulties, to take a leading role and not be a spectator in own life: no longer relegate at other people own destiny, rather than become manager of themselves.
Since the choice of the social aim, Ability characterizes the different imprint of approach to the employment theme, tracing the message that the new "focused" placement law has revolutionized: the right person in the right work, so to render re-able people that with the old method could seems not-able.
Around the co-operative society revolve professionally efficient disabled people and several their relatives, all of them are collaborators accurately selected, because Ability 2004 wants emphasize those who with awareness had will and constancy, even at the cost of big sacrifices, building up their future.
Tourism is the social purpose, that more lie at heart for the co-operative society's partners and collaborators, in particular that kind of social and inclusive tourism, so that doesn't discriminate any category of persons and it is leading his efforts in the organization of local integrated services.
Ability 2004 relates and inspires his action to the philosophy of the local main associations protecting disabled people's rights, like Federhand Campania, FISH Italia, DPI Europa.
Tourism's projects supported and managed by the co-operative society
In the March 2007 Caserta's chamber of commerce contracted with Ability 2004 to manage the creation of the new accessibility guide to the hotel structures in the Caserta's province and to the main tourist-cultural structures, together with the creation of the paper guide and specific website, that will be accomplished within spring 2008.
Since August 2007 Ability 2004 has partnered with Caserta's Lega Problemi Handicappati onlus in the project about the sea degree of usability, published by the Region of Campania, in relation to the mapping on seaside structures of the Caserta's seacosts, the creation of the accessibility guide to them and the training of the bathing operators.
Ability 2004 has partnered with provincial youth agency of the Caserta's provincial administration and since November 2007 manages the S.I.T.In. project (integrated services for an inclusive tourism) in relation to a reception and mobility service of people with special needs at the cultural attraction Caserta Palace.