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This project, more than aims to a sheer communication on the accessibility restricted at the simple generic symbolism that recently embraced, wants to follow a new cultural philosophy approaching to the theme, supplying, besides the common briefs about the access of the structures, even punctual and specific info about: parking places outside the structure, access's ways for reach them, usability and livability of the places, existence of accompanying assistance, accessible hygienic rooms, facilities for people with visual impairment and for people with hearing impairment, specific dietary for people with special needs. In this logic doesn't exist a "special" project opposite - or alternative - to the "normal" one, but an attempt to take the higher number of people's needs into account, whether they are or not disabled people.

Considering that the accessibility's concept is an exclusively subjective condition, based on own abilities, habits, postures, that don't go with an "unified" conception of the adaptation provided for by law, we've purposely omitted to include an accessibility's symbol, like often happens in similar guides, so that everyone, basing on the descriptions and on the images will be able to self-decide if the selected structure is compatible with own physical condition.

In this first stage, the website has been organized so as to be usable to the higher number of people, complying with the Stanca Italian law n.4/2004, according to the W3C protocol.

The interest's areas have been separated into cultural sections, each one includes the local hotel's receptive structures and it's enough to click with the pointer mouse on the interactive map the home page for open the web pages of the single section.

Hotels have been organized into decreasing categories, as well as cultural interest areas; for each hotel has been organized an index page, useful for a "generic" tourist, and some specific minor pages that supply more detailed info to those who have deambulation problems.
The hotels for which on the website there is only the index page indicate that it is impossible to allow the access to a wheelchair, and so we don't have considered useful to delve into not very considerable aspects for the (not disabled) tourist normodotato.

Hotel's characteristics have been reviewed according to a questionnaire filled in on site by expert staff of the co-operative society Ability 2004, examining every structure. Only some structures, because of organizational difficulties, have been reviewed by the hotel-keepers themselves and it is indicated in the single page with a distinctive mark. Anyway the single compiler is responsible for wrong indications. Nevertheless, ability will not take responsibility with regard to variations brought into effect after the census, and not be communicated in writing.