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 Baia Domizia
  Lido ARANCIO Via dell'Erica
  Lido ARMANDO Via dei Ginepri   
  Lido AZALEE Via delle Azalee  
  Lido BAGNO PARADISO Via dei Bossi
  Lido BAIA BEACH Via dei Lecci (P.co Svedese)
  Lido COSIDA Via dell'Erica
  Lido DEI PIGRI Via Erica
  Lido DEI PINI Via Fontanavecchia
  Lido DOMITIA PALACE HOTEL Via Fontanavecchia
  Lido ELENA Via Fontanavecchia
  Lido ERICA Via Erica
  Lido EUROPA Via Fontanavecchia
  Lido FISHERMAN Via delle Peonie
  Lido HAWAY BEACH Via dell'Erica
  Lido IL LIDO Via dei Bossi
  Lido PARK HOTEL BEACH Via delle Azalee  

  Lido SQUALO BEACH Zona Trimoletto
  Lido TULIPANO Via dei Tulipani
  Lido VILLAGGIO LA SERRA Via Fontanavecchia

  Lido AZZURRO Via Caracciolo
  Lido BORRELLI Lungomare A. Vespucci
  Lido CIN CIN Lungomare A. Vespucci
  Lido Camping LA DUNA SS Domiziana, km 15,250
  Lido NUOVO KURSAAL Lungomare A. Vespucci
  Lido PATRIZIA Via Lungomare Nord
  Lido SIRENA Via Caracciolo
  Lido VENERE Via Caracciolo

  Lido BAIA DI PUOLO Massalubrense (NA)
  Lido METAMARE Meta di Sorrento (NA)
By the publication on BURC n. 31 of 5 June 2007 of the Managerial Decree n. 252 of 31 May 2007, Region of Campania wanted to promote and support production of projects aim to the sea degree of usability for disabled people, according to what the Regional Committee of Campania established in the Deliberation n. 679 of 18 April 2007, in which it has identified, among innovative and experimental social-assisted purposes, the ones that completely assure the ease and sea degree of usability right for disabled people.
Caserta's association LPH onlus (association that has been legally established on 29 April 1986 and propose to protect disabled people rights) submitting S.I.T.In. project (integrated services for an inclusive tourism), succeeded in getting a global valuation useful for achieving its funding, as well as indicated in D.D. n. 405 of 13 July 2007.
S.I.T.In. is part of a more broad context ( and www.turismoacaserta.it) that is about information on the beach establishments accessibility of the Caserta's seacoasts through a guide (paper, digital and on line guide) intent on assuring knowledge of seaside structures suitable for inclusive and non discriminatory receptivity. This network received at Cecina on 29/9/2008 from ENIT and Region of Toscana the national first prize “Turismo accessibile”, in the framework of Beta's turistic event edition 2008.
Sea degree of usability project becomes one of the “pieces” for complete the puzzle mapping of the entire provincial territory and that now is added to all hotel one and propose to orientate tourist “with special needs” in the incoming organization in the province. Main objective is that one, not only to give a serious and sure orientation guide about accessible beach establishments, but also to present the end product in the better ways to sensitize and promote province's territory image as ready and sensitive reality to welcome tourism categories otherwise ruled out. With this project is produced then an integration to the present hotel guide about hotel, a cd rom, and inclusion of data in the devoted website. At the same time is pointed to sensitive and inform local community, technical staff, local governments and tour operators, in particular for those who work on the beach establishments management, on the accessibility theme through realization of a conference and of an ad hoc training course.
Survey methodology has been the CARE system (simplification of the IG-VAE – acronym for Informazione Garantita (per la) Valutazione dell'Accessibilità (per le proprie) Esigenze). Survey questionnaire CARE is a reprocessing by FISH (Federazione Italiana Superamento dell'Handicap) which begins with the IG-VAE project, structured by ENEA and elaborated in the framework of STARe project for Ministry for Productive Activities in order to succeed in collecting information on the territory about accessibility conditions of tourist structures and infrastructures that allow both disabled people and handicap facilities suppliers and tour operators to have useful objective elements for subjectively evaluate destination usability in relation to specific customer needs.

Take part in the project:

Association Lega Problemi Handicappati onlus, with legal headquarters in Caserta alla via Ferrarecce 121, operative office in C. Santagata 32, as project leader

Social co-operative Ability 2004, with legal headquarters in Caserta alla via Ferrarecce 121,

Social co-operative Federico Ozanam, with legal headquarters and operative office in Caserta c/o CIAPI viale Carlo III, S. Nicola la Strada,

Association Laboratorio si può, with headquarters a Ferrara, via Foro Boario 55.

Mapping Areas
Caserta's province seacoast extends from Garigliano river in the North to about 40 km in the South, where are located cities of Sessa Aurunca, Cellole, Mondragone and Castel Volturno.
In the wake of indications published on BURC n. 15 of 14/4/08 (Resolution of Regional Committee n. 481 Coordination general area N. 20 – Health care – N. 5 – Ecology, Environmental conservation, Environmental clean up, Civil Protection – Location of the suitable areas and unsuitable areas for the bathing in the year 2008 according to the D.P.R. of 8 June 1982 n. 470 and following modifications and integrations – Attachments.) is provided for organize a first mapping of the beach establishments which are located in those areas excluded from no bathing, like Baia Domizia and some parts of the Mondragone's territory. Even if the areas subject to ban could change over time, for this project we have decided to restrict to those one that respect the law regulations, ruling out for the moment the others, but when we'll update and enforce the guide, will be added also the others areas.
Anyway, the areas that we have personally verified with sending of ad hoc operators, even if between the difficulties of a territory that shows a socio-economic “suffering”, have altogether underlined an enough business organization aimed to welcome a large numbers of bathers, in some areas also coming from abroad, with characteristic of permanence.
Not every bathing operator have understood the initiative purpose, even finalized to create visibility and opportunities of image and quality of offered services, so, inserted in a context where public administrations didn't offered them nothing in terms of development and opportunity, we have found a lot of distrust and many “no, thanks”.
For those one that, instead, have put their trust in us, we have given them the space, the first one, for display themselves on the web, for try a revival that could become a flywheel of the local economy, so to produce a requalification of the local entrepreneurial context.

Reading of the guide
Publications have following three ways:
Paper guide,
Cd rom,
On line.

As it's clear, on line guide is the instrument that in real time consents updates and modifications, as well as additions of others beach establishments.
In any time it will be possible to add, by written application to the social co-operative Ability 2004, like so any kind of change to the present data. Co-operative Ability 2004 refuses every responsibility with regard to the wrong correspondence between what has been published from its database and what results by the status quo of the places
In the digital forms is considered the criterion of accessibility, in the respect of the W3C protocol. Contents are inspired by the approaching philosophy followed for the hotel mapping, like so is indicated in the project lines of the website.